Tuesday, October 23, 2012

nail polish strips

I had been stalking the the beauty clearance bins at Target the past few weeks looking for goodies, specifically nail polish. I had been eyeing the nail polish strips from Sally Hansen for awhile but they were just too expensive for me, around $10 for a set. I couldn't justify myself getting them since I change the color of my nails almost daily.

Just last week, I found these:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Pedicure Nail Polish Strips in Snake Rattle and Roll

This is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Pedicure Nail Polish Strips in Snake Rattle and Roll on clearance! You get 18 strips of polish, a mini cuticle stick and a mini nail file/buffer. If you're not familiar with nail polish strips, you can find out about them here.

So the ones I got are actually for your toes but I used them on my fingers. Some of the strips are more narrow and can be pieced together. Depending on how short your nails are, you can even get two nails done with one strip, which was my case. Then that make me think, Who the heck has toenails that long!?

My Mom and I are not too big on nail art but we love our nail polish. That's probably where my addiction came from. Thanks Mom!

Check our Mother-Daughter Manis from the weekend before heading out to my birthday dinner with my family and my boyfriend's family.

Mother-Daughter Manis

My Mom has on OPI - Mermaid Tears (left) and I have on Rimmel London Wild Orchid (right), which btw, has an awesome wide brush almost as good as OPI.

I had full intentions of putting on the nail polish strips on all of my Mom's fingers but due to lack of time and n00b error, I only managed to use the nail polish strips as accent nails. The nail polish strips were very easy to use, once I stopped trying to apply them the hard way! For a demo video on application, click here.

I would use them again, especially if the price is right! They are supposed to last for up to 10 days. That's way too long for me. These would be great if you were going on vacation. It's been about 3 days and I still have this on...I know shocking...and there is no tip wear!

If you are interested in getting this pattern, they are unfortunately no longer available. I believe this was a limited edition pattern. But here's a tip: I've seen nail polish strips from OPI in the clearance sections at ULTA! They have some fun patterns too!

Have you tried nail polish strips yet? Do you have a favorite brand? Don't you love them?


  1. Love the DIY tips about nail polishes for a n00b like me. =)

    1. LOL...This is only the beginning! I'm glad you are finding this helpful

  2. Hey, it's looking really good in here! Love all the new graphics you added. Umm we really need a manicure get together again so you can teach us some of your new techniques!

    1. Thanks! I can't decide if its too much or too bold haha...I'm down for a manicure session anytime!



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