Sunday, November 18, 2012

I don't know Jacques anymore

I used to wear OPI's You Don't Know Jacques all the time. It was my go-to nail polish. I would wear it week after week after week! It's the perfect taupe. I reccommended this color to everyone I knew. I made people want this color! I was completely in love with Jacques!

But that was last year...I really haven't worn YDKJ in about a year and I finally put it on my nails.

As my much as I hate to admit, the color didn't feel the same. I wasn't as excited to see it on my nails like I had been before. I still like the color but I guess I'm no lnger in love with it...what happened?! Did I just break up with Jacques?!

Do you have a nail color that you used to love?


  1. Umm ok I was totally going to put this on for Thanksgiving! BUT, I'm currently loving navy blue nails right now. I think you saw me wear them at Karen's. That might be happening for my baby shower on Saturday!

    1. I remember! Navy blue looks really good on you. I was thinking about wearing a blue on Saturday too but all my blues are lighter.



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