Thursday, February 7, 2013

opi gift cards for everyone

Last Christmas, ULTA was having a promotion with OPI nail polishes: Buy 2, get 1 ULTA exclusive OPI color for free. As my free bottle, I chose Gift Cards for Everyone!. Such an odd name.

Gift Cards for Everyone is a dark metallicky purple with hints of blue shimmer from the microglitter.

I'm sad to say that this is a purple that I don't like. And I looove purple...

The color looks so nice in the bottle but not on me. Maybe it may look better if my nails were shorter!?

my own attempt at generating a meme :)

with flash to show the microglitter

To me, this color is borderline Grandma-ish and I don't think I will be wearing this much, if ever again.

At least I got it for free.

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